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Academy of General Dentistry

Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is a foundation that provides funds for research, charities and education. initiatives that provide oral health resources for the public and continuing education opportunities for general dentists. The Academy of General Dentistry Foundation has recently supported projects ranging from oral cancer screenings to dental ethics, and nursing home dentistry to the oral health of cancer patients, in addition to many continuing educational opportunities for general dentists.

The AGD hosts lectures for dentistry groups involving speakers with the experience and education to advise and educate dental staff and dentists about diagnosing, courses for continuing education, marketing for dental practice, scholarships and other opportunities for persons wanting to continue dental educations.

Exhibitors at AGD dental shows showcase products utilized within the dental industry by its practitioners and also provide information on services beneficial to providers of dental health services.

AGD dental conferences create opportunities for promotion of services and opportunities for person to person merchandising contacts. Dentistry professional are shown dental services provided by dental companies, and exhibitors at AGD conferences offer demonstrations or tools for dental repair, cosmetic dentistry, dental hygiene and cleanings as well as other dental necessities.

Another dental practice service that may be advertised at a dental show is internet dental marketing opportunities. These opportunities as well as marketing planning for dental practices, management advice and demonstrations of record keeping software are available at dental conferences.

Dental insurance information, equipment used by dental hygienists and dental specialists and their appropriate uses are demonstrated at dental conferences. Also, information about dental schools, continuing dental education for all those working in a dental practice are on display at dental shows