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American Dental Education Association

American Dental Education Association

The American Dental Education Association hosts comprehensive dental conferences for the benefit of all specialties of dentistry and for dental associates, such as dental hygienists, dental assistants, office managers, and all others that are a part of dental office, dental hygiene and tooth repair procedures. These dental conferences take place around the country and happen more than once a year.

Different aspects of the ADEA conference are sponsored by different companies that contribute to dental practice. Some of the areas of sponsorship are research in progressive dental science, manufacturers of all aspects of dental equipment, from water picks and toothpaste manufacturers to image capturing device manufacturers. The producers of dental medications and dental marketing firms that aid dental practices in reaching a larger number of people and businesses also sponsor dental meetings.

The ADEA conferences give vendors opportunities to promote their services and make face to face business connections with dental professionals interested in the dental products and services dental vendors representing companies have to offer. Vendors at dental shows may offer products having to do with dental procedures for cleaning, repair, cosmetic enhancement, and hygiene. Other possible services dental vendors may offer are internet dental marketing opportunities, strategic marketing planning, business management structures, dental insurance advice, information on hygienist equipment, dental schools and continuing education for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and other dental practice staff.

ADEA Dental meetings offer those in attendance continuing education courses for credit, workshops for the instruction of learning advanced techniques that are developed by dental companies, as well as being cared for by having comfortable accommodations while at the conference such as hotel, professional breakfasts, luncheons, and such entertainment that is appropriate to dental meetings and their participants.