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California Dental Association

California Dental Association

The California Dental Association (CDA) hosts their dental conference every year in California. Approximately 27,000people attend the dental show in California, those people include dentists, dental staff, exhibitors, dental students, and families of dentists.

To participate in any dental meeting the participant must register. For the California Dental Association Dental Meeting there are specific fees for registration. Dentists from outside California must pay approximately $200.00. Dentists that belong to the American Dental Association may be admitted with no fee paid, as are dental students who are members of the California Dental Association. Non ADA members must pay approximately $800.00 for admission to California's dental meeting. For those dentists on active duty in the military and a member of the ADA, the fee is $50.00. For non ADA members on active duty it is $365.00. There are other exceptions and waivers to fees charged to attend the dental conference in California. It is best to contact the association to find out specific prices for different categories.

Speakers at the dental California Dental conference lecture on different topics such as dental hygiene, medication for dental patients, procedures for specialized dental work, anesthesia and dental patients, surgical practices, and dental technology.

Dental shows are in part paid for by dental organizations that host the events and are also sponsored by businesses that manufacture dental equipment and products, as well as providing different types of services to dentists and their staff.

California dental conference exhibitors provide service information for dentists and their staff while showcasing their products. Exhibitors meet with dentists who may be interested in their services or products.