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Greater Long Island Dental Meeting

Greater Long Island Dental Meeting

The Greater Long Island Dental Meeting (GLIDM) is held in Melville, New York. The GLIDM provides continuing education in the form of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. Attendees may pre-register by fax or mail or register on the dental conference site. Pre-registrants may receive a discount. Exhibits by vendors of dental merchandise will be available to market their products to dentists and their dental staff in person.

There are over 140 vendors at Greater Long Island Dental Show, displaying the latest dental technology such as bio technology, computer record and bookkeeping software and services available for dentists to assist them in structuring their practices. These services are those that provide help with finances and insurance.

The GLIDM also supports a Women's Conference and continuing education lectures where approximately 10 hours of continuing education credit can be earned. Leisure activities at the GLIDM can be provided through a variety of activities. Some of the past activities have been poker nights, cocktail hours, and photography contests.

Members of the American Dental Association pay a fee of approximately $175.00 to attend the GLIDM. Those who aren't members pay approximately $200.00. Dental students may attend the conference for free.