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Midwest Dental Conference

Midwest Dental Conference

The Midwest dental conference takes place over 3 days in Missouri. Attendance at the Midwestern dental conference is approximately 4,000 persons, including dentists, hygienists, dental lab assistants, dental office personnel, exhibitors and dental families. Continuing education credit for dentists is given for attendance at workshops lectures and demonstrations.

Speakers at the Midwest dental meeting discuss topics such as anesthesia for dental procedures, medications for pre and post surgical procedures, as well as the newest dental technology.

Exhibitors for the Midwest dental show are there to provide information for dentists and their staff and to create business for themselves through demonstrating their products successfully and by meeting face to face with dentists interested in their product. Showing at dental conferences enhances the potential sales of businesses and manufacturers of dental supplies as well as the image.

Dental shows may be sponsored by businesses that manufacture dental equipment and dental products such as tools, rubber gloves, face masks and scrubs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, products specifically designed for dental use by dentists such as tooth cleaners and mouthwashes, and also advanced computers, record keeping software specifically designed for dentists and dental patient furniture among hundreds of other dental necessities.