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British Dental Conference

British Dental Conference

The British Dental Meeting is a series of lectures, discussions, demonstrations and workshops designed to educate dentists from Britain and other countries. Exhibitors at the British Dental Meeting have special benefits for contacts and purchases made during the conference.

Leisure activities at the BDA may include receptions, dinners, and tours of the area as well as visiting trendy eating and nightlife establishments. The conference is held in Birmingham, England, and hotel accommodations are available for those who wish to attend. For those who register online before a certain deadline, a discount is available.

The BDA lecture series covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: stem cells and their part in dental science, geriatric dentistry and oral care, pediatric dentistry, dental practice management, care of the disabled, and relations between dentists and their staff.

The British Dental Conference exhibits offer the opportunity for dentists and their staff to look at new technology in dental tools, medications, dental whiteners, furniture, equipment for more sophisticated results, particularly in photography. Exhibits also provide professionals who provide information on financial options for dentists and their practices, as well as marketing professionals who may offer advice on an expanded and improved method for dentists to reach potential patients.