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Yankee Dental Conference

Yankee Dental Conference

The Yankee dental conference takes place in Boston, Massachusetts during the winter of every year. This dental meeting is aided by the support of the Massachusetts Dental Society in cooperation with Vermont Dental society, Rhode Island Dental Society, and the Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut Dental Societies.

Continuing education credits are available for dentists at the Yankee Dental Meeting. Lectures and demonstrations are held concerning such topics as office design, dental implants, restorative dental techniques, dental financial information, dental technology, pediatric dentistry, orthodontic dentistry and many other dental topics. For the staff of dental practices there are lectures as well. Dental assistant and staff topics have more to do with the technical side of dentistry such as radiology techniques, managing a dental practice, running an office using specific dental computer software, general health of teeth, and other dental procedures.

Exhibitors at the Yankee Dental Congress have on display equipment to X-ray teeth and gums, computers and hardware, material for building crowns and other aesthetic elements of dentistry, dental literature, and dental marketing. Dental laboratories exhibit as well as biomedical companies as well as companies making more industrial dental equipment.

Registration for the Yankee Dental Congress starts in September for the January dental show.