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Continuing Dental Education

Continuing Dental Education

Dental conferences provide continuing dental education needed for dentists to be up to date on progressive new dental technologies. There are courses on all types of dental procedures and new technologies. Courses are taken and recorded for continuing education credits for presentation in the dentist's state of practice. Some dental show hosts reduce the fee for admission to dental conferences according to how many courses a dental professional completes.

Courses include introductions to new dental techniques, assessing dental procedures, dental laser technology, emergency dental procedures, tools and devices used for dental techniques, and rapport between dental staff and patients. Exams are given in continuing education seminars. The exams are to assure instructors and students that the material covered in lectures was understood and can be safely used in dental practice. There is a curriculum that is followed in the continuing education lectures and hands on sessions dentists taking continuing education courses must follow. These hands-on simulations prepare dentists and dental staff on how to effectively use new or revised dental tools and techniques.

Seats for most continuing education courses are reserved with a ticket purchase to that lecture or demonstration. Some dental convention hosts waive registrations fees for dentists registering for particular amounts of credits.