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UAE International Dental Conference

UAE International Dental Conference

The United Arab Emirates International Dental Conference is held in Dubai. It features over 3,000 dentists and approximately 450 dental vendors for the exhibition part of the dental show. These vendors come from different countries around the world to meet, share different techniques and market their various dental products to attending dentists and businessmen at the UAE Dental Conference.

The fee for registration to the UAE Dental Meeting may be $200.00 for all members unless specified differently by the UAE board. This particular international offers pre dental meeting courses that are specialized in particular areas of dentistry. Regularly featured courses offered for dental show attendees of the UAE conference vary and cover a broad range of topics. Surgical procedures for dentistry such as maxiofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, restorative dental work, and aesthetic dental practices and office management and finance suggestions are some of the lectures available to dentists and dental professionals attending the UAE conference.

The exhibitors at the UAE conference arrive from different countries to market their dental services and products to a diverse group of dentists, dental hygienists, dental office assistants and other dental professionals who would be interested in or benefit from exhibits of advanced technology in the dental field. International dental exhibitors benefit from large international dental conferences due to the assorted tools and techniques on display.

Leisure activities in Dubai are available to those attending the conference. Dubai is located within the United Arab Emirates, and has a beautiful city that may be seen as well as beaches and night life. Exhibitors and attendees of the AUE may be able to enjoy these sights, depending on the type of leisure activities planned for those attending.