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FDI World Dental Federation Conference

FDI World Dental Federation Conference

The FDI World Dental Federation Conference is held in Shenzhen, China. Thousands of attendees from different countries attend this dental conference to educate themselves on current trends and technologies of dentistry throughout the world. This is a comprehensive dental conference that educated on world dentistry and the progressions and problems happening in different countries pertaining to the dental health of people globally.

Fees for attending the FDI World Dental Federation conference may be (approximately in U.S. currency) $ 482.00 to $632.00 for dental organization members, $601.00 to $770.00 for non-members, and from $131.00 to $206.00 for students. For those under 16 years of age the conference attendance fee is waived.

Leisure activities may be welcoming ceremonies, musical and dance performances, cultural arts, and food. Lectures and demonstrations at the FDI conference are given by professionals from around the world and are on diverse topics such as dental and oral health in different countries, different government's effects on private dental practices, changes in oral health over the years in certain countries, difficulties in maintaining a successful dental practice, and pediatric dentistry, to name a few.

Hotel accommodations are available for those attending the conference. To attend the FDI Dental Conference in China, appropriate visas must be secured to gain entry into the country.